…attention to detail was outstanding.

I have never owned a pull behind trailer before. I bought a 1969 Nomad, was going to do some work on it myself. Within the first couple of hours, i didn’t know anything. I called Woody and he explained that I could bring her in, however, it would be awhile before work started.

I am so happy that I had him do the work on my trailer. His attention to detail was outstanding. He knew I had no idea what I was doing and performed work on issues that I truly needed, but didn’t know until after the fact. And he communicated with me the whole time. Any questions I had were answered within less than a day.

If he had not performed all the work and details on my trailer, it would still be sitting empty and me very angry.

I am now traveling and happy as can be!

Oh, and, I called him with a question after having it for 2 weeks already. He informed me what to do, since again, I had no idea. Woody really does stand behind his work. I have no hesitation about contacting him if I have a question.

~ Bobbi

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